Immersive Audio | Dolby Atmos


What Is Dolby Atmos

Dobly Atmos is a spectacular new 3D immersive audio mixing and delivery format. It gives film makers the ability to create new and exciting worlds, transporting audiences into a truly three dimensional audio experience.

Compared to traditional surround mixes (7.1, 5.1) immersive audio gives the ability to place sounds in 3D space, mainly due to the fact that Atmos adds speakers to the ceiling. Sounds are now treated as specific ‘objects’ and are able to be placed all around the audience with pin point accuracy. Up to 128 objects can be played back at the same time.

Why Immersive Audio

Dolby Atmos differs from channel based formats (7.1, 5.1) because the system renders the mix in real time and scales depending on the playback system used.

A Dolby Atmos mix can be played back in the cimema where there might be 64 speakers, a theater room with a 7.1.4 system or even in headphones on a mobile phone.
In short mix once playback everywhere.

Future Proof Your Content

Mixing in the largest format available is always a good idea, as down mixing is much simpler because the information is already there. Imagine having to create a surround mix from a stereo source where new elements need to be created in order to fill in the space, costing both time and money possibly even altering the original creative intent.

With Dolby Atmos you create one mix and then we can derive the 7.1, 5.1 even stereo mix from the Atmos master file.

How Can I Experience It

How can I experience it?

Cinema is not the only place where you can experience immersive audio, most major streaming services are now offering content in Dolby Atmos, a few include:

Disney +

Dolby Atmos content can be played back on many consumer devices including 7.1.4 home theater setups, sound bars, laptops, tablets, even on headphones!


Dolby Atmos is not only for films, it can be used as a new way to experience music. It gives us the ability to spread out mixes to engulf the listener. In traditional stereo mixing, having only two speakers to playback tens of instruments creates a constant battle of what can be heared, with immersive audio there are literally 11 more speakers, giving us the ability to hear a lot more!
Listening to a song mixed for Dolby Atmos does really change the way we listen to music. Mixes can now truly become an experience.
The best way to feel the difference with Atmos is when you take it away! Where everything seems to go back into the speakers and you can really tell that you are now out of wonderland.